Internet-of-Things-CTTC solutions for next generation smart wireless applications

Design and implementation of an integral solution (hardware/software/visualization) for monitoring and control applications based on wireless sensor networks such as:

- Home control

- Smart metering

- Real time air quality measurement

- Agriculture monitoring

The solution includes a detailed energy profiling of the application in order to quantize its battery life and cost. The data processing is cloud based and is visualized via a real time application for tablets and smartphones.




This system has been developed in the framework of industrial contracts (WiserMonitourLite) and European research projects (SWAP, E2SG, COPCAMS, ESEE) . For further information please contact Miguel Ángel Vázquez (


Standardization Deployment

We have strong skills in standardization deployment on most of the current approved standards, even with some that are being pursued. Our team has the capabilities to access to those standards that you may want to acquire and deploy them using the most innovative software engineering tools. Such approach allows fulfilling the requirements established by the documents in a rapid manner and producing a functional prototype in a tight time lapse. We offer:

  • Access to the 3GPP and ETSI standards, and also to those that are being redacted.
  • Deployment of the norms using the software engineering tools that are on the top in the State of the Art.
  • Prototyping of such documents using that approach in our specific software platforms.
  • Test your requirements and implement new features that you may consider.
  • Check standard compliancy with robust equipment certified by Agilent Technologies.

Success testimonies:

1) A LTE transmitter & receiver

Thanks to industrial contracts, we deployed a full LTE Rel. 9 downlink transmitter and receiver. During this task, documents TS 36.211, TS 36.212, TS 36.213, TS 36.331 and TS 36.101 were being used to construct the real transmitter and receiver. Thus, such implementations produced femtocells scanning for other nearby femtocells to mitigate possible interferences and enhance the quality of service for all users.

2) The next-generation satellite standard

One of the major drawbacks of the current satellite standard is the long delay and slow fading, which may affect the quality of the link. To solve that, very long interleavers are used to boost the SNR but this approach incurs in non-feasible voice services. The next-generation satellite standard aims to solve that problems and it is being redacted in the ETSI framework. As we are a full ETSI’s member, we deployed the physical layer of that standard in the framework of ESANGW project. This project allowed to the European Space Agency to analyze and study the results of novel techniques with dual polarization transponders.

Sense títol

LTE simulator user interface

For further information please contact Pol Henarejos (


Unit cell optimization for cross-polarization cancellation in dual-polarized reflectarray antennas

There is a growing interest on reflectarray antennas for space telecom applications because of their low cost, low weight and easy deployment compared with parabolic reflectors or phased arrays.  However, the cross-polarization requirements of direct broadcast applications cannot be met by reflectarray based on traditional unit elements such as square patches. In this activity we used a MATLAB-HFSS co-simulation to optimize the shape of the reflectarray elements allowing us to control not only the co-polar reflection coefficients but also the cross-polar ones.  In this way, each cell can cause a slight depolarization of the reflected field that summed to the contributions of the other cells results in a quasi null cross-polarized radiated far field.


Joint magnitude and phase control of the cross-polar coefficients by truncating different corners of a square patch.

This activity has been funded by Thales Alenia Space France through Polar, Polar2 and Polar3 projects. For further information please contact Xavier Artiga (