The research topics covered by the A&MSP department are:

1) RF-PHY-MAC crosslayer techniques for interference management

  • Interference cancellation, interference alignment
  • Multi-user detection
  • Dynamic RF Resource optimization
  • Optimization: convex, multi-objective, game theory
  • PHY layer and ACCESS technology for enabling dynamic satellite/terrestrial Radio Resource Management for virtual Net operation
  • Antenna and signal processing for interference mitigation in next generation High Throughput satellite  (Satellite payload and ground segment)

2) Multi-antenna/MIMO

  • Antenna and reconfigurable antenna design and modeling
  • Massive MIMO
  • Spatial modulation
  • Multibeam satellite, Non-regular multibeam coverage payload
  • Multi-antenna for Filter Bank Multicarrier
  • Radar processing

3) Big Data in Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Data collection:
    • Sensors for smart cities
    • Earth observation satellites
  • Data storage:
    • Efficient and reliable storage in data centers
    • Peer-to-peer storage systems
  • Data analysis:
    • Pattern recognition
    • Anomaly detection
    • Network monitoring